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Glad you inform yourself!
This website is necessary, because women are unsufficiently informed about the risks and side effects of hormonal IUDs:
Before insertion:
Most of the women don't get the product insert. Since 2007 gynecologists in Germany are obligated to hand over the product insert and an educational sheet and let the women sign both.
All too often women just get the advertising brochure of the manufacturer, where only a fragment of the side effects is mentioned. Besides that, the brochure makes different questionable promises. (look at fact check)

When side effects appear:
Many women hear from their gynecologist, that their symptoms cannot relate to the homonal IUD. This is very astonishing, because these symptoms can be found in the product insert (which most women don't know) as side effects. As a reason for that the doctors argue with the „local effect“, which is physiologically impossible.

Puppet with side effects
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